Part 2 - Story by Lori

I stood before a doorway marked "Faith".
The Lady Lorelie handed me a key & nodded with a wink beckoning me to step through into yet another version of my story. 

"Will you come with me?" I asked her 

"No darling,' she relied 'for this is your journey & it must be walked alone." 

"But I am afraid." I admitted

"All the more reason to find faith." The Lady smiled kindly to me.
"But you may call on me anytime for help & I will appear. Though you will only recognize me by the feeling of something familiar." 

I did not know what she meant but I supposed I would find out.

"Now go, discover what is yours already." She hugged me and I turned to face my fear.

The key turned and I found myself under a magnificent tree. I wondered if it had all been a dream. 

Uncertain of what to do, I began walking. Through valleys & meadows & forests I meandered, following a path I did not understand. I walked until I found myself standing before a large archway. Words were carved into the stone. I stepped closer to see.

"May your faith be bigger than your fear." 

And suddenly I noticed there was someone standing behind the stones watching me. 
A dark hooded figure appeared. Shadows like mist swirl from under its cloak slowly coming closer to me. I became frightened. Panic began to grip my heart & I desperately wanted to get away but I felt frozen. 

The shadowy figure loomed closer reaching its hand out. I begged for faith to come. 
The moment I wished I heard a deep growl come from behind me. The shadows stopped. Though full of fear, I turned to face what might be behind me. 

Crouching behind me was a large black panther, ready to pounce. It's eyes shone so brightly I wondered why it looked so familiar. The Panthers eyes locked with mine & I suddenly felt full of courage. It bowed its head to me, showing it was my friend. And then I heard it speak to me without words. 

"You called." Surprised I recognized a familiar feeling.

"Are you..." it winked before I could finish.

And so, together we turned towards the archway where the shadowy figure stood watching us. 

To be continued... 

Copyright Lori Fast

Part 1 - Story by Lori

Sadness gripped my heart as I turned and walked the other way. I wandered for some time until I found myself standing before a magnificent tree. With branches that seemed to reach as high as the heavens I finally let myself rest beneath its shade. 
I closed my eyes and sighed.

"I wish I knew how to create a life I have always dreamed of."

And as I drifted off into a slumber I found myself standing before an archway. A doorway of sorts, but I could not see what lay beyond, there was only darkness.
An owl appeared and perched itself above the archway.

"Come see what the universe has created for you."
the owl beckon me to enter.

And so with a brave heart I stepped through the doorway and into the darkness. 
And when my eyes began to adjust I found myself standing in a hallway of doors. A women with a dress made of a million sparkling mirrors greeted me.

"My darling, I am so glad you have finally come. I am the Lady Lorelie." Her voice was soft & strong, her smile kind & adoring.

"Where are we?" I asked

"We are in the space between. This is the spirit realm and I have come to show you the great Truth of who you really are."

The mirrors on the Lady's dress began to flicker and change color. A different image of myself began to reflect in every tiny mirror.

"Each of these holds a different story you have ever written. All are a part of you."
The lady took my hand & began leading me down the hallway. She pointed to a door.

"See what is written?"

There was a story name written over the doorway. "The Sacred Tree"

"You may enter any of these doors whenever you wish to expore. Each will lead you to another version of a story you wish to tell."

Baffled by what the Lady was explaining, I began to walk down the hallway, reading the titles over every marked door.
I stopped and starred at a door marked "Faith"

"What a wonderful place to start."
the Lady winked and held out a key 🗝 

I turned the key & the door opened. 

To be continued...

see part 2

Copyright Lori Fast