Part 2 - Story by Lori

I stood before a doorway marked "Faith".
The Lady Lorelie handed me a key & nodded with a wink beckoning me to step through into yet another version of my story. 

"Will you come with me?" I asked her 

"No darling,' she relied 'for this is your journey & it must be walked alone." 

"But I am afraid." I admitted

"All the more reason to find faith." The Lady smiled kindly to me.
"But you may call on me anytime for help & I will appear. Though you will only recognize me by the feeling of something familiar." 

I did not know what she meant but I supposed I would find out.

"Now go, discover what is yours already." She hugged me and I turned to face my fear.

The key turned and I found myself under a magnificent tree. I wondered if it had all been a dream. 

Uncertain of what to do, I began walking. Through valleys & meadows & forests I meandered, following a path I did not understand. I walked until I found myself standing before a large archway. Words were carved into the stone. I stepped closer to see.

"May your faith be bigger than your fear." 

And suddenly I noticed there was someone standing behind the stones watching me. 
A dark hooded figure appeared. Shadows like mist swirl from under its cloak slowly coming closer to me. I became frightened. Panic began to grip my heart & I desperately wanted to get away but I felt frozen. 

The shadowy figure loomed closer reaching its hand out. I begged for faith to come. 
The moment I wished I heard a deep growl come from behind me. The shadows stopped. Though full of fear, I turned to face what might be behind me. 

Crouching behind me was a large black panther, ready to pounce. It's eyes shone so brightly I wondered why it looked so familiar. The Panthers eyes locked with mine & I suddenly felt full of courage. It bowed its head to me, showing it was my friend. And then I heard it speak to me without words. 

"You called." Surprised I recognized a familiar feeling.

"Are you..." it winked before I could finish.

And so, together we turned towards the archway where the shadowy figure stood watching us. 

To be continued... 

Copyright Lori Fast