Years ago I went on a journey of deep self discovery

I trekked into the jungle to find a medicine man that held a key to the secrets of the universe. I drank a cup of his medicine and let my visions take me on a journey into my soul.

All my ancestors lined in a circle around me, I saw in this moment every life that had contributed to bring me to this place. Both their blessings and sins all attached to me with strings of light and heavy chains. And I saw with great clarity the attachments that created and affected who I was in this Lifetime. 

As I looked around in amazement I saw there was an owl of great wisdom that had been a companion to my family since time immemorial. As I gazed upon the owl with great love and affection I saw, to my dismay, that it had been chained and was no longer free. Dark chains linked my mind to its feet and I saw that over time my family had become boastful of its connection to the owl spirit. Praising ourselves for the wisdom and intelligence we carried, my family had lost sight that owl was a gift and not to be taken for granted. Somewhere in my history my ancestors had become fearful of losing its connection and power and so had chained the owl to our lineage. Our intellect was now chained with Pride and Deception. 
Horrified at what I saw I apologized with sincerity to the owl and broke the chains with all my might. The moment they broke the owl flew away and I felt with great intensity a sadness of losing something so dear. With heaviness in my heart I sat with my sadness and began forgiving every member of my family for the sins they did not recognize.

It was then that I looked up and saw the owl had returned. It sat on a branch at a distance and began to speak to me without words.

It thanked me for its freedom and then shared with me it's deep love for my family. The owl forgave us of our trespasses against it and told me that, of its own freewill it had choose to return and work with me.

My heart burst with gratitude and honor. I thanked it for its generosity and promised that through me it shall always remain free.

The owl led me to a tree that was so large I could not fathom
The sun, bright orange and red encircled the tree and I recognized a feeling I had not experienced since childhood.

"This is the Tree of Mother Africa and she would like to gift you with healing."

In that moment the branches of the tree plucked me up and placed me among her branches. She greeted me with a love so intense I began to cry.

She spoke softly into my heart.
"Though you are not born a child of Africa you were raised among my children. Your affection and love for my land has blessed my people and I consider you as my own. My adopted daughter." Her branches hugged me and I felt such love that I can not describe. 

"You have suffered greatly by men who have not honored your worth and so I wish to take the poison from your body and soul."

One by one branches came and pulled poison from my heart. Each man who had hurt me was pulled out like a seed which she cocooned and placed among her branches.

"Let me take these from you and I will nurture and transform them. They will be my adopted children as you are and I will care for them as you have cared for me."

In the arms of mother Africa I cried and thanked her for her gift of love.

Then I asked her, "Mother, what can I do for you?" She smiled and began telling me of her children.

"They suffer greatly from beliefs that do not belong to them. They carry the burdens of men that came to steal their worth. Will you help me chase away the sins of men that do not honor my children?"

In an instant wings spread from my back and I leaped into the air and flew into the sky. I circled the earth many times calling the birds of every tribe to come help my cause.

So many birds came forth that the sky turned dark and cast a shadow over the continent of Africa. Then with a warriors scream we soared down over the land chasing the demons from the shadows of Africa's heart.

- copyright Lori Fast



12/23/2017 10:29pm

I appreciate the fact that there are people who understand that there are also people who are in search of themselves whenever they feel like they are lost. Actually, my mom does not understand the real meaning of "soul searching", and that is a need and not just as a desire. It's a personal thing which something people would understand and some would not. I am hoping that we will reach the point where people would understand this.


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