Once upon a time, in the winter wonderland of Winnipeg, there lived a beautiful women. She loved the earth so dearly that she wished to offer the planet a gift. She folded her hands in prayer and smiled. 

"Love and Harmony" she whispered.

The wind heard her prayer and set forth to every corner of the earth to spread her wish.
And when the Lady Lorelie saw her friend, she smiled for she had heard the whispers of the wind and saw the beauty of her friends spirit.

"Come" the lady said "let me give you wings and crown your head, for your love is pure like the white of snow and your prayer like a ribbon that floats through the land." 

May all who see you be blessed by your smile
Lady Lorelie empowers people through Art. 
Her inspiration and visions come from spirit, who uses the art of henna to empower people and reconnect them with their own spirit. 

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02/23/2017 6:56am

Her smile truly empowers us. Lady Lorelie is lucky that the beautiful woman gave her talent to empower people. I hope you utilize this skill for a greater purpose. I believe you're doing so. Continue what you have began. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!


You seriously look like a princess fairy with your outfit. Plus, the amazing background makes you even look like a goddess of snow. Kidding aside, but it's true that your smile is so cool and you can light up somebody else by just smiling at them. I'm glad to know that you are spreading love and harmony to the people around you. Keep up the good work!

06/13/2017 12:42am

I agree. Her smile is really something that can make me smile as well. I actually admire the henna she has, it suits her skin tone very well. I didn't think that henna could be white, it looks so elegant. I want to have this done on me as well. Thanks for this wonderful idea!


I am very impressed with your artworks. You are so creative! I love this post.

03/22/2017 1:15am

Your photos are very nice because you have a lovely face and a beautiful smile. I also like your henna in your forehead because you look like a queen. It's funny because to be honest, it is my first time to see a white colored henna because usually it's color black. I really appreciate your efforts in those photos. I like your artwork, it's simple but adorable.

06/02/2017 1:43am

great post admin


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