"Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will." - Nelson Mandela.
My friend asked me to draw this concept for him when he managed to get out of debt. A feeling I think most of us know...

Do you know the feeling of being bound to money? I certainly do...
Are your ideas of success and happiness  linked to money? 

Mandela understood freedom better than most, though he speaks here of Apartheid. I wonder sometimes about our own freedom. We have more freedom now than ever, and yet our concepts of success are linked to financial growth and this consumption. This money train feels a lot like an endless Fibonacci code... more, More, MORE

It is not money in itself that creates success, it is our determination, our selfworth and our will to create opportunities that build success. What then are we truly valuing?

I picked the image of the "power hand" tightly gripping the chain as it is a symbol groups have used all over the world to come together, rise up and break free of oppression. The symbol of the Harpy eagle represents vision, strength and endurance. When these two forces come together, surely we can break the chains that bind us to beliefs that no longer serve the whole.

Lori Fast



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03/20/2017 7:44am

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